How to Keep Couch Covers in Place

How to Keep Couch Covers in Place

We’re here to help with our top tips on how to keep couch covers in place, from the use of foam sticks, upholstery pins, Velcro attachments, extra stuffing, fabric tucking, and even stapling for the most stubborn cases. That being said, your best bet is to start fresh by purchasing couch covers that stay in place here at Nolan Interior.

Couch covers that constantly slip and slide are not only unsightly but also uncomfortable, leaving you wondering if it’s even worth bothering. What’s the point if they detract from the actual comfort and appearance of your sofa?

But, you don’t need to stress about this - we’re here to help you put that frustration in the past with our top tips on how to keep couch covers in place. 

We’ve compiled a list of the most effective solutions we’ve seen, from the use of foam sticks, upholstery pins, Velcro attachments, extra stuffing, fabric tucking, and even stapling for the most stubborn cases.

That being said, your best bet is to start fresh by purchasing couch covers that stay in place here at Nolan Interior. Our couch cushion covers are the internet’s #1 choice backed by 7,500 5-start reviews and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Don’t settle for low-quality sofa covers. Enjoy peace of mind and spend less time cleaning your couch by getting the non-slip couch covers you deserve today!

How to Keep Couch Covers in Place

Let’s not waste any time getting into how to get couch covers to stay in place so that you can comfortably lounge around or invite guests over without feeling embarrassed about the state of your sofa. 

We’ve got 6 quick fixes you can try below, but ultimately, your best bet is typically going to be finding better stretch sofa covers for your couch. So, let’s start our guide on how to keep couch covers in place there!

Find Better Couch Cushion Covers

In our experience, most issues associated with couch covers slipping around have to do with the covers themselves. It could be one of two issues: 

  1. The covers are too big for your couch.
  2. The covers are low-quality.

Either way, replacement is going to be the most effective way to get your covers to stay put. The goal is for your covers to feel as if they’re part of the couch cushion rather than an add-on.

Low-quality covers fail to provide a stable, snug fit, leading to constant adjustments and an untidy appearance. This is typically because the fabric used on the covers lacks the elasticity you need.

So, start your search for washable couch covers that are carefully crafted from high-quality, durable, heavyweight fabrics that naturally grip furniture without slipping. 

The best way to tell what you’re getting is to see if the brand specifically claims that its covers are “non-slip”. You can also look to see if the covers incorporate elasticated edges or specially designed ties that help secure the cover more firmly to your furniture.

Now, it’s also worth noting that the issue could be that you just chose the wrong size for your specific sofa. The cover itself may be high quality, but if it’s too large for your sofa, you’ll end up with a bunch of excess fabric. 

Ideally, you’d discover this issue right after your covers arrive so you can quickly get an exchange started for the right size. Here at Nolan Interior, we make returns as seamless and straightforward as possible, and we’re always on standby to assist you with sizing concerns. 

So, if you feel that this is the problem, you can take a look at the best couch cover for sectional sofas here in our catalog and see what catches your eye! 

We’ll talk more about what makes ours so special later on. For now, let’s get into some other solutions for those wondering how to keep couch covers in place.

The Foam Sticks Method

Using foam sticks is one of the most practical solutions to prevent your covers from slipping around, which can be as simple as cutting standard pool noodles to size. 

These foam sticks can be tucked into the creases of your sofa where the back meets the seat, as well as along the arms. The foam expands slightly, filling the gap between the cover and the couch, thus anchoring the cover in place. 

This method is not only cost-effective but also easily reversible. That means it’s easy to take your covers on and off when it comes time to wash them. Just be sure the foam sticks match the color of your couch cover or are hidden from view to maintain aesthetic integrity.

Using Upholstery Pins

Upholstery pins can be another effective option for those seeking a more semi-permanent solution. These pins twist and lock into place, securing the couch cover without damaging the underlying upholstery. You can find them at your local craft store or online.

Strategically place the pins along areas of the cover that are prone to slipping, such as under the armrests or along the back. Push the pin through the cover and into the upholstery, twisting it to lock the spiral part of the pin into the fabric. 

Make sure the pins you use are small enough to be discrete but strong enough to withstand tension. There’s a fine line between the pins being intrusive when using the couch and not actually delivering the results you’d hoped for. 

When done correctly, though, the end result will be a firm hold that can be especially useful in homes with children and pets where the covers are subjected to more movement and abuse.

Installing Velcro Attachments

If you’re feeling extra crafty and want a more professional approach to keeping couch covers in place, you can consider installing velcro. You’ll attach one side of the velcro to the underside of the cover and the corresponding side to the sofa itself.

It’s important to choose high-quality velcro for this project, though, or you’ll be underwhelmed by the functionality of your DIY efforts when it’s all said and done. We recommend industrial-strength strips to ensure they withstand the weight and movement of daily use. 

Then, place your strips where the cover tends to lift or slide, such as along the seating area and underneath the armrests. We’ve seen great success by placing velcro attachment points on the underside of the cushion in the middle, which will then keep the cover more tightly wrapped around the cushion.

This method allows for easy removal of the cover for washing while ensuring it stays in place when in use. We also like this approach because the Velcro attachments are invisible once installed, so they won’t affect the look or feel of your couch.

Extra Stuffing

Adding extra stuffing is another simple yet effective technique for keeping couch covers snugly in place. It’s especially useful for sofas that have become slightly deflated with age, where the covers may now appear loose. 

The added volume from the stuffing helps fill out the sofa's shape, providing a tighter fit for the cover. This will also revitalize the comfort of your cushions, killing two birds with one stone!

Focus on areas like the back cushions and armrests, which are typically the first to lose their firmness over time. We recommend using materials like polyester fiberfill, which is both inexpensive and easy to handle. Simply unzip the cushion covers, add the desired amount of stuffing, and zip them back up. 

Stapling the Covers in Place

If you are at your wit's end and are desperate for any way to keep your covers snug and secure, you can try stapling them in place. Just know that this is a more permanent solution, and we typically wouldn’t recommend it for antique, expensive, or sentimental sofas as you’ll be altering the couch for good.

That being said, it works incredibly well to prevent couch covers from slipping around. Take your staple gun and secure the edges of the cover to the underside of the sofa, where the frame is typically exposed and less likely to show any signs of the staple. 

Be careful as you work your way around the cover, making sure you staple evenly and avoid over-tightening to prevent the fabric from tearing. 

Tucking Extra Fabric in

Don’t have any extra stuffing on hand, not interested in using pins, and unwilling to go through the hassle of velcro? Here’s how to get couch covers to stay in place without any tools or materials - simply tuck extra fabric in!

Use a wooden spoon or spatula to push the excess material deep into the crevices of the sofa, such as where the back and seat meet and along the armrests. 

This helps anchor the cover in place and prevents it from shifting when you sit or move around on the sofa. It’s a quick fix that can be adjusted as needed and is particularly handy for temporary setups or for those who frequently change decor.

Just be aware that it’s not going to actually fix the issue - you’re still kicking the can down the road knowing that ultimately, you’re going to need to find better quality couch covers that stay in place. That being said, why not put this problem in the past for good today at Nolan Interior?

Get Couch Covers That Stay in Place at Nolan Interior!

There you have it - how to keep couch covers in place! Chances are one of these solutions will help you keep your covers secure, protecting your sofa without compromising on comfort or appearance. 

But as we said from the start, your best bet is to start fresh with our modern sofa covers at Nolan Interior. Our protectors combine functionality with style, ensuring they not only look great but also remain secure under everyday use. Here’s why they’re the #1 choice online:

  • Superior Fabric Quality: Our covers are made from a high-stretch jacquard fabric, blending 95% polyester with 5% spandex for a cover that's not only soft and comfortable but also highly resilient and wrinkle-resistant.
  • Perfect Fit: We understand that not all sofas are made the same. That’s why our covers come in various sizes to perfectly hug your furniture's contours. With options for seat covers, back covers, and chaise covers, every part of your sectional is protected.
  • Anti-Slip Design: Say goodbye to constant adjustments. Our covers feature innovative anti-slip backing that keeps them firmly in place, providing a smooth, seamless look without the hassle of DIY fixes.

We even have CustomFit Sofa Covers for those looking for the ultimate in personalization and fit. These are made to measure, tailored to the exact dimensions of your sofa so you can rest assured you’re getting the perfect fit.  

They’re 20% thicker than our standard covers, too, which means you’re getting better value in the long run - up to 10,000 washes, in fact! 

So, take a look and see which of our kid or pet couch protectors aligns with your style preferences. Then, size your covers to perfection to avoid any chance of them slipping around on you:

Seat Cover Size:

  • Length: 25.6 - 33.5 in
  • Width: 25.6 - 33.5 in
  • Height: 2 - 7.9 in

Back Cover Size:

  • Length: 31.5 - 39.4 in
  • Width: 19.7 - 25.6 in
  • Height: 2 - 7.9 in

Chaise Cover Size:

  • Length: 63 - 74.8 in
  • Width: 37.4 - 47.2 in
  • Height: 2 - 7.9 in

Remember, our customer service team is always on standby to help you pick the right size if you’re uncertain. No need to play the guessing game. So, get started now and transform your living space with Nolan Interior's couch covers - where style meets function and comfort!

Parting Thoughts on How to Get Couch Covers to Stay in Place

As we conclude our guide on how to get couch covers to stay in place, remember that keeping your protectors secure will enhance the comfort, functionality, and aesthetics of your sofa. 

From choosing the right covers to using foam sticks, upholstery pins, or Velcro, we’ve shared all the different solutions you have at your disposal - now it’s time to put them into practice!

You can learn more about how to put on couch covers, how to wash couch covers, how to protect furniture from cats, how to clean dog pee off couch, and more in our blog.

But whether you need couch covers for dogs, kids, or just to avoid the constant stress of spills and the annoyance of cleaning up crumbs, remember that couch covers that stay in place are just a click away at Nolan Interior. We mean it when we say we have something for everyone, and you can narrow your search for the perfect covers below:

We have individual couch cushion covers, L-shaped couch covers, U-shaped sectional couch covers, you name it. So, get couch covers that stay in place today and put the frustration and headaches associated with slippage in the past for good!